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Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)

Our inspection services provides confidence in the quantity of bunkers being supplied to a vessel while providing a verified snapshot fuel inventory onboard.

During a BQS, a predelivery and postdelivery inspection is conducted on both the delivery and receiving vessels. Supervision is also provided to ensure representative sampling is conducted. During the BQS the inspector also provides expeditor services to ensure bunkering in completed in the most efficient manner.

If QUALITY verification (testing) is required, samples are sent to our laboratory in Los Angeles and Richmond CA, USA, for testing. All bunker fuel testing is performed in accordance with ISO 8217 specifications.


Currently, our capabilities extends from North America, Central America, East Asia, South East Asia, and Europe.

For service inquires please email:


Bunker Surveyor

Marine Inspection

Petroleum Inspection

Our coverage extends to:

North and Central America:

Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, San Francisco, Tacoma, Seattle, Vancouver, New York, New Jersey, Savannah, Charleston, Houston, Colón, Balboa



Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg


East Asia:

Tokyo, Yokohama, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shekou and many others


South East Asia:


Singapore, Bangkok, Tanjung Pelepas, Port Klang,  Laem Chabang,

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