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Laboratory Services 

At LABS, we are committed in providing independent, accurate, timely and relevant analytical services to our clients.

Our laboratories are independently owned and operated by our employees. Our capabilities include ISO 8217 marine fuel specification and range from fuel oils to lubricants.  

Through our 35+ years of experience in bunker fuels our team is proficient in not only administering analysis but also with the interpretation of the analytical data.  

ISO-8217 bunker fuel oil tests:

  •  Viscosity at 40°C and 50°C

  • Density at 15 °C 

  • Cetane index

  • Sulfur content

  • Flash Point Test

  • Hydrogen sulfide

  • Acid number

  • Total sediment by hot filtration

  • Micro Carbon residue

  • Metals, IP 501

  • Pour point

  • Appearance

  • Water by distillation

  • Ash

  • Lubricity

ISO and ASTM equivalent methods are available 

ISO 8217 testing are often paired with Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS), as this provides verification on the quality of bunker fuel being purchased.

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